October/December 2015

Hillsborough Holiday Fine Arts and Crafts Show

Presents the "Hillsborough Holiday Fine Arts and Crafts Show" featuring a select group of fine artists and skilled craftsmen who have previously shown their works in the HAC Gallery and Gift Shop. Several new artist have joined the group, Cecilia Cox, Rebecca Boothe, Kathleen Gwinnett, Eliza Murphy, Rebecca Finch, Jane Price,and Dan & Marion Seaman. The show runs from October 30 through December 20. Reception on December 4 from 6 - 9 pm for the Holiday Art Walk.

September/October 2015

Sandy McBride, Tom Willis and Shannon Fitzgerald

Presents "Painting Spirit" featuring the paintings of Sandy McBride, Tom Willis and Shannon Fitzgerald. These three artist come from very different backgrounds and will each present their unique approach to abstract painting. 


Sandy McBride, BFA Rhode Island School of Design and MFA Cornell University, believes that artwork should offer a challenge to the viewers’ imagination.  It should provide something enigmatic that keeps the person coming back; a connection between the viewer and the artist that reveals perceptions of what we believe our world to be. Tom Willis has had a passion for art from an early age and considers himself to be self taught.  He has studied painting with notable painters at both ECU and UNCG. Mystery, energy, color, and emotional tension make up his personal contemporary vision. Shannon Fitzgerald is an author, fine artist and quilter who is inspired by the natural world.  Her paintings are highly vibrational and energetic.  Her goal is to spread more light, love and laughter one painting at a time.


The show runs from September 23 through October 24. Opening reception on September 25 from 6 – 9 pm.

August/September 2015

Elaine O’Neil


Presents "Textile Collage" by Elaine O’Neil. Elaine says of her work, "My artistic process begins with the simple, pure memories of my childhood. I strive to conjure up the essence of those good times and capture them through whimsy and color, stitching them together with a sense of humor and delight. In each piece I create, my hope is to evoke the kind of pleasure and delight of childhood, when life is simple, sweet, and full of endless possibilities." Textile artist Elaine O’Neil grew up in rural Maine,

the great-granddaughter of a lighthouse keeper, granddaughter of a farmer, and daughter of an ardent seamstress.  She received a degree in textile design from the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, and has shown her work in galleries up and down the East Coast as well as in the mountains of North Carolina.  Elaine regularly does commissions and has created pieces for clients in Russia, England, Greece, Italy, and France, as well as in many states in the U.S.  Her work is also in the collections of many colleges, businesses, hospitals, and on the cover of several publications.  She has illustrated two children’s books. The show runs from August 26 through September 19. Opening reception on August 28 from 6 - 9 pm.

July/August 2015

Kenny Glenn


Presents "Upbeat Interpretations of Natural Southern Living" featuring traditional watercolor paintings by Kenny Glenn. Kenny Glenn is a post WWII Baby boomer who grew up in rural Durham County where farming was a way of life. This traditional culture has instilled a healthy respect for a strict work ethic. Kenny loves the outdoors; the movement of birds, the smell of the early morning mist, the rustling breezes, and the sound of pounding surf. He represents these feelings with a facility for technique that is inspiring. The show runs from July 29 through August 22. Opening reception on July 31 from 6 - 9 pm.

June/July 2015

Emily Lees and Bernice Koff


Presents "Invitation au Voyage" featuring pottery by Emily Lees and mixed media paintings by Bernice Koff.  The viewer is invited to join in an artistic voyage of place.  A common bond in the work is a shared passion for all things French.  The streets of Paris appear in the mixed media paintings of Parisian bookstalls & shops by Bernice Koff.  Lees offers modern abstract images inspired by France and the nineteenth century French fascination with Japan, mounted on white vessels and forms.


Emily Lees began her pottery journey on the wheel but found her true expression as a handbuilder.  Her vessel and wall pieces function as the canvas for her abstract style of art.  The mid-twentieth century minimalist aesthetic, traditional Japanese pottery and the woodblock prints are her biggest influences.  Painterly qualities, tranquility and asymmetry come together to form her unique approach.  Her works have been include in both local and national juried exhibitions.


Bernice Koff began her love affair with art as a trained Museum docent.  From this experience she realized her passion for making art.  With 20 years of experience as a visual artist she has tried to preserve the beauty of the materials she uses.  She creates abstract paintings by pouring paint on to handmade papers and canvas, then she proceeds through the process by merging digital collage and acrylic paints and inks.  She uses combs, palette knives, scrapers, and brushes to enhance the textural quality of the work.  Through the years she has attended numerous art classes, private lessons, and both national and international workshops.  Bernice Koff credits her heightened sense of color to an experience she had while exhibiting with Dale Chihuly.  Her work can be viewed on the Orange County Artist Guild Tour and at the Alizarin Gallery in Durham.


The show runs from June 24 through July 25.  Opening reception on June 26 from 6 - 9 pm.

May/June 2015

Chrystal Hardt and Jacqui Mehring


Presents "Transient Spring" featuring paintings by Chrystal Hardt and textiles by Jacqui Mehring.


The punch needle textiles by Jacqui Mehring are narratives about loss, change and the passage of time. The changing colors and the construction of the multilevel surfaces, provide an illusion of separate forms in space. The continuous loops are a metaphor for a reality of energy that connects us.


The paintings of Chrystal Hardt are about energy, emotion and movement. They strive to strike a balance between the figurative and the abstract. Her imagery evolves through the process of painting and explores life through abstract relationships of light and dark, color, and mystery.


The show runs from May 27 through June 20.  Opening reception on May 29 from 6 - 9 pm.

April/May 2015

Along the Garden Path


Presents "Along the Garden Path" featuring a multimedia group exhibition of Local Artists working with the garden theme.  "Along the Garden Path" has been organized in conjunction with the 2015 Hillsborough Garden Tour which will take place on May 16th and 17th 2015.  ARTICULTURE: Where Gardens and Art Flourish is the theme of the 2015 Garden Tour sponsored biennially by the Hillsborough Garden Club.  Many Art events have been scheduled to take place during the tour and the Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery and Gift Shop will be open that weekend with extended hours. The show runs from April 22 through May 23.  Opening reception on April 24 from 6 - 9 pm.

Two of the exhibitors in the "Along the Garden Path" Show will be demonstrating during the Garden Tour.  Marcia McDade will be quilting and displaying Floral Quilts with a garden theme at 124 W Queen Street, the home of Rosie Summers, which is also a  Garden Club Tour Site.  Emily Weinstein will be outside demonstrating her skill at Plein Air Painting at both Qi Garden in Downtown Hillsborough and at The Ayr Mount Historical Site over the weekend.

March/April 2015

Rose Warner


Presents "Hanging by a Thread" featuring mixed media paintings by Rose Warner that combine slices of abstract acrylic paintings which are woven back together with threads on a loom.  The two unrelated mediums of paint and fiber create something unexpected but true to the uniqueness of both mediums.  The threads conceal and obscure some areas of the original painting also adding an additional layer of color and texture. The show runs from March 25 through April 18.  Opening reception on March 27 from 6 - 9 pm.

Rose Warner attended the University of Iowa and Viterbo College.  She has been an active arts advocate in the region  and has served as a Board member for many local organizations including Orange County Artist Guild, Triangle Weavers, and the Durham Arts Guild.  She has exhibited at East End Art Gallery,  Chatham Arts Gallery and Magnolia Marketplace.  Some of the Group exhibitions she has participated in are Follow the Fiber, Woven Elements, the OCAG Open Studio Tours, and New Traditions in Weaving.

February/March 2015

Debra Wuliger


Presents "Peculiar Light" featuring oil paintings by Debra Wuliger which depict the joyful strength of Women.   The canvas paintings are built up with dense layers of oil paint producing pattern and texture.  The figure emerges through the reflected layers of pattern, color and light.  Strength and dignity are reflected by the balance of joy and sorrow that life brings.  The show runs from February 25 through March 21.  Opening reception on February 27 from 6 - 9 pm.

In 2013 Debra Wuliger received an Ella Pratt Emerging Artist Award from the Durham Arts Council.  Three of the paintings she created for this award were fearured in the Raleigh Literary Review in 2014.  Debra shares her love of art in several ways:  She has created murals with community groups; She runs creativity workshops; and she teaches painting classes out of her home studio in Durham NC.

January/February 2015

Local Quilts


After a short winter break, the Arts Council Gallery will reopen with a group exhibition of Quilts produced in Orange and Durham Counties by six artists.  The exhibition "Local Quilts" will feature a variety of quiltmaking techniques with some innovative approaches to this folk art tradition.  The show runs from January 28th through February 21st.  Opening reception on January 30th from 6 - 9 pm.