Fine Music in an Intimate Setting

Will and Jan McFarlane on December 3


The Hillsborough Arts Council is hosting a very special fundraising PARLOR CONCERT featuring the incomparable Will McFarlane. Limited seating is available for this intimate acoustic show which will take place Saturday December 3rd at 8:00 pm in the home of Bill and Diff Whitmore at 125 West Queen Street in Hillsborough. Will's lovely wife, Janet, will be accompanying him for this event with bluesy-country-folky-rock 'n'roll and singer-songwriter material.   


McFarlane gained much of his professional experience playing for years with Bonnie Raitt and as a key member of the legendary Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.Recently, Will was inducted into the Musician's Hall of Fame in Nashville. If you want to experience a wonderful musical evening, hurry to secure your seats now. Tickets were available at the Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery and Gift Shop at 102 N. Churton Street, at the Eno Gallery or ON-LINE. Tickets were $35 in advance and we have sold out. Matthew's Chocolates is providing a special treat for all ticket holders. 

Nashville Songwriters Performed February 19

SOLD OUT! SARAH AILI & ERIC ERDMAN brought their “Box of Letters” project to Hillsborough, NC on February 19th. Reminiscent to the sound of old time jazz standards, Aili (pronounce ‘Iley’) & Erdman have created a set of acoustic songs that feel good and familiar. They  performed in an intimate parlor concert on Friday, February 19, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the historic home of David and Elizabeth Hayes in Hillsborough, NC. Limited tickets were available for this special concert.


Sarah Aili & Eric Erdman are songwriters who met in Nashville in 2013. In the midst of a writing session where they were planning for their usual Americana/Pop style of writing, they stumbled upon a jazzy melody with lyrics reminiscent to old time standards, a favorite for both. With no hesitation, they followed that thread and before they knew it, they had another couple songs in the same fashion and then another couple and another couple more. In no time they had a series of songs, a storyline in-between them and the characters to tell it.

Tickets were $22 and were be available at the Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery at 102 N. Churton Street in Hillsborough, NC. The gallery is open from 12:00 to 4:00 Wednesday through Saturdays. For more information about parlor concerts, email the program coordinator at programs@hillsboroughartscouncil.org. A reception with delicious food and drink will followed the concert. Thank you to the INN AT TEARDROPS, MATTHEW'S CHOCOLATES and HILLSBOROUG BBQ for supporting this concert!

Gifted Pianist Pamela Howland Performed January 31, 2016


SOLD OUT! Pamela Howland is a gifted American pianist who breathes life and vitality into classical music for audiences of any age or background. She performed in an intimate Parlor Concert on January 31, 2016 at historic Burnside in Hillsborough, NC, hosted by homeowners Maureen Quilligan and Michael Malone. Limited tickets were available for this special concert.


Howland’s playing has been described as, “vivacious, imaginative, sensitive and just a trifle unconventional.” Her passion for promoting classical music has led her to develop a unique style of performance which allows her audiences to go away educated and entertained, feeling they have learned something about themselves as well as the music. Howland played Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin and and the title, "Chopin's Legacy." Tickets were $22 and were  available at the Eno Gallery at 100 South Churton Street in Hillsborough, NC.


A reception with food and drink followed the concert.


Thank you to MATTHEW'S CHOCOLATES for generously supporting this concert!