The Hillsborough Arts Council (HAC) is very excited to announce that we have formed a program alliance with the Hillsborough Classic Film Society.

The Classic Film Society is a local, volunteer-driven organization that hosts monthly showings of critically-acclaimed American films, foreign films, and independent films, most of which are 50 or more years old.  At the showings, the Society engages expert speakers to explain the historical and artistic context of the films, and to lead the audience in lively discussions after the showings.  The Society’s monthly films are open to the public and are offered free of charge at the Orange County Public Library on Margaret Street in downtown Hillsborough.  The Society is graciously supported by the Friends of the Orange County Library.  Founding members are Gail and Michael Corrado, with help and support from John Beerman, Bruce Chinery, Stacey Gamble, Hilary and Merle Williams, and other friends and neighbors. 


They are starting up again in the fall with Classic Film Sundays at the Library. There will be films once a month, generally on the second Sunday, in the meeting room of the Hillsborough Library on Margaret Lane. They will start at three o’clock in the afternoon with a short introduction to the film by an invited speaker, and the film will be followed by a discussion. The films are free, and there will be free popcorn as well. Here’s the schedule:

September 15

Young Frankenstein

October 6

The Train

November 10


December 8

Charlie Chaplin films for Christmas


January 12

Black Orpheus

February 9

The Passion of Joan of Arc

March 8

High Noon

April 5

Pather Panchali

May 10

Nights of Cabiria

The Classic Film Society is an affiliate of the Hillsborough Arts Council, and is supported by a generous contribution of time and effort by the staff of the Orange County Public Library. Our website is www.hillsboroughclassicfilms.com; you will find information about each of the films there. You can reach Gail at gcorrado@aol.com and Mike at corrado@unc.edu.