Mike’s Art Truck is a folk art gallery operated by Greg & Karen Mack.

There is no real truck, only an imaginary truck driven by our cat Mike.


Here’s how it got started.

Our folk art adventures began many years ago when we made our first visit to the late great Howard Finster. Over time we came to know & love many artists and their work. We visited them often and bought what we could. Gradually our house filled with beautiful things. We were always sorry that we couldn’t buy more from these wonderful & talented friends. We wanted to find a way to help the artists show and sell their work to more people. And we wanted to share the joy that we received from their art and their stories. While we were wrestling with all that, Karen’s employer came to the rescue. At the time Karen worked her regular job at Doppler Studios, a recording facility in Atlanta. The studio manager had recently become interested in folk art and was looking for the right items to dress up the studio’s bare walls. So that did it! Mike’s Art Truck was born.


The concept brought smiles.

We kept the walls of Doppler filled with folk art for a number of years, until we moved to North Carolina in 2012. The clients that came through Doppler for all kinds of audio recording were surprised and delighted with the art on the walls & the bios of the artists. The artists were thrilled to have their work shown to a wide range of famous folks in a busy town like Atlanta. And since we do not have the expenses of a stand-alone art gallery, we are able to return to the artists a larger portion of the sales. That way we are able to keep our prices reasonable for our customers. Hurray! Everybody wins!


We relocated.

We are now living far from the traffic of Atlanta, in the charming old town of Hillsborough, North Carolina. We are looking forward to making more new friends and bringing some great folk art to the NC Triangle area. While we continue to promote self-taught artists here on our website, we are always hoping to find a friendly space to take the place of the gallery at Doppler Studios. Let us know if you have ideas!


We focus on the artist.

Our emphasis is on self-taught art obtained directly from living artists. Much of the art we offer is on consignment to us directly from the artists. We also sell pieces that we have purchased directly from the artists. We support our artists' preferences for artistic control and personal privacy. Artists set their own prices, and decide when to change inventory. We do not give out contact information for the artists without their permission, but we will be glad to try to facilitate contact for our customers whenever possible. 

MIKE'S ART TRUCK'S WEB SITE: http://www.mikesarttruck.com/