September/ October 2016

"Wonder Women" by Louellen Vernon White

The Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery & Gift Shop will host an opening reception on September 30th from 6-9 pm for Louellen Vernon-White and her series “Wonder Women” during the September Last Friday Art Walk.  Wonder Women, is a series of encaustic mixed media collages.  Louellen describes her process, “My approach is intuitive; I begin by connecting with a chosen photograph. I use anonymous photos and create fictitious characters.  I imagine identities for the heroines and ingénues. Imagined scenarios influence the choice of materials as I surround the characters with abstracted visual clues.  I use various paper elements and apply watercolor, and color pencil as a first step in my creative process. Elements within the encaustic mixed media collages include: cut and torn paper, old photos, handmade papers, ephemera, and vintage objects.” The show will run from September 28th-October 22 2016.

August/September 2016

"Equine Abstractions" by Laura Hughes

Presents "Equine Abstractions" featuring paintings by Laura Hughes. Hughes paints large scale equine abstractions that focus on the monumentality and beauty of the horse as a figure. The show runs from August 24 through September 24. Opening reception on August 26 from 6 – 9 pm.

Laura Hughes is a Graphic Designer as well as a Fine Artist.  She enjoys designing for the professional business community but she also embraces the self directed challenge of fine art.   She uses the iconic image of the horse as the starting point to get paint on the canvas and as a source for shape, form, and color.  Her images transcend the equine identity and present a monumental approach that is interchangeable with the human figure as an art reference.

July/August 2016

"Save-the-Earth" by Ann Brownlee Hobgood

Presents "Save-the-Earth" featuring an exhibition of figurative assemblages by Ann Brownlee Hobgood. The show runs from July 27 through August 23. Opening reception on July 29 from 6 – 9 pm.

Ann Brownlee Hobgood speaks about her work, "I create figurative assemblages from found objects with a particular interest in using materials from historic sites. Until a few months ago, I lived in a restored 1880 cotton mill village called Glencoe, near Burlington, NC. It is a treasure trove of industrial waste and castoffs from history! I have collected barrels and boxes full of scrap metal, wood, ceramic, paper, glass, and plastic from the ground, from under old houses, from the river, and from deserted mill buildings. My friends and neighbors - now in Hillsborough, NC - contribute toward cleaning up the environment by donating their discards to me in piles on the front porch of my separate, much larger studio. I gather oddments from metal recyclers, junk car yards, thrift shops, flea markets, landfills, and roadside discard piles. I am passionate about this planet that we live on, and many of my works are focused on save-the-earth or are celebrating earth themes. My inspiration often springs from song lyrics or from the configurations of the various found objects. I thoroughly enjoy creating original figures from repurposed materials and consider my work a success if it makes people think, question, and smile!"

June/July 2016

 "Narrative Landscapes" by Eric Smith

Presents "Narrative Landscapes" featuring oil paintings by Eric Smith. Smith seeks to spark a narrative in the imagination of the viewer and creates lush and lively images through his process of oil painting. The show runs from June 22 through July 23. Opening reception on June 24 from 6 – 9 pm.

May/June 2016

 McMann Fine Arts Collection

Presents a selection of fine art silkscreen prints from the McMann Fine Arts Collection.  A variety of techniques will be represented by 6 different artists with distinctly different styes. The show runs from May 4 through June 18. Opening reception on May 27 from 6 – 9 pm.


March/April 2016

Student Artists from Orange High School and Cedar Ridge High School

Presents a display of art from gifted Student Artists from Orange High School and Cedar Ridge High School.  Eleven of the International Baccalaureate (IB) students from Cedar Ridge High School and the Advanced Placement (AP) students from Orange High will display their work. These students are taught by Micki Saad and Rae-Ann Daughtry at Orange High School and Lori Shepley at Cedar Ridge High School. The show runs from March 23 through May 3.

Closing reception on April 29 from 6 – 9 pm. This opportunity will provide these talented youths with the real life experience of displaying their work in a gallery setting before they venture on to their post high school educational experiences.

January-March 2016

African American Quilters Circle


After a short winter break, the Arts Council Gallery will reopen with an exhibition of the African American Quilters Circle.  The show runs from January 29 through March 19.  Opening reception on January 29 from 6 - 9 pm.


The African American Quilt Circle (AAQC) was founded in Durham, NC in 1998 by four African American women: Bertie Howard, Jereann King, Candace Thomas and Helen Sanders. The primary purpose for starting the group was to preserve the heritage of quilting in the African American community.


The group meets monthly at St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation at the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham. Members gather to share quilting tips and resources, provide ongoing instruction for new members and support for experienced quilters. The AAQC has also sponsored Community Quilt Days in Durham providing community members opportunities to participate in hands-on quilting activities and share their family quilts and stories with the community. For the past twelve years, the AAQC has displayed quilts and provided quilt demonstrations during the Annual African American Heritage Celebration at the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh, and for two years has participated in the African America Cultural Festival in Raleigh.


The AAQC has received local and national recognition for the creativity and skills of its members. AAQC members have artworks in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States and around the world. The group, as well as individual members, have also been featured in local and international magazines, quilt publications and on local television shows.