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Updated July 2016


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Here are a number of links to get your creative juices flowing. We've compiled a list of internet sites with information on Community arts, Giant Puppets, Music, Nature and Photography.

Eno River and Nature Photography

  • Carolina Nature   Durham, NC USA  - Will Cooks' photographs of Birds, Plants, Amphibians, Butterflies and much more.  A beautiful resource for stunning images!


  • Eno River Association   Durham, NC USA  -  Great list of  'Creatures of the Eno!' with links to photographs. Since 1966 the Eno River Associatio has worked to protect the natural, cultural and historic resources of the Eno River basin.


  • Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats    Over 3000 photographs of animals and their habitats by amateur naturalist and wildlife photographer, Dorothy E. Pugh. Also taxonomy and animal behavior information.



Giant Puppet Companies, Pageants and Parades


  • Bread and Puppet Theater  Glover, VT, USA - The radical granddaddy of community based puppet organizations was created in the 60's by Peter Schuman. Andrei Codrescu, one of my favorite poets and commentators reporting from New Orleans wrote:  "The Bread & Puppet Theater has been so long a part of America's conscious struggle for our better selves, that it has become, paradoxically, a fixture of our subconscious." 


  • Burning The Clocks   Brighton, UK    This is an incredible night parade with luminaries, fire dancers and giant puppets.  Check out the Video!


  • The Cleveland Museum of Art's Parade The Circle  Cleveland, OH USA - Parade the Circle was created by Robin Van Lear as a community outreach program. Her community work bringing art to the public in an accessible way, was an inspiration for our Handmade Parade.


  • In The Heart of the Beast   Minneapolis, MI USA  - Theater, Puppetry, Community building and the fantastic May Day Parade. (lots of images under Mayday photo links)


  • Macnas   Galway, Ireland  -    Ireland's leading performance company, based in Galway. Their public performances are noted for exuberance, colour and spectacle. The company has single-handedly changed the nature of public entertainment in Ireland. Founded in 1986 Macnas has performed in over 20 countries across the globe including a tour in 1993 with the band U2 during their Zooropa concerts. Macnas is gaelic for "joyful abandonment".


  • Matrix Theatre Company  Detroit, MI, USA  -   Using the transformative power of theatre to to change lives, build community, and foster social justice.


  • Nana Projects   Baltimore, MD USA  -  Molly Ross'  Great Halloween Lantern Parade and Magic Lantern Shows.


  • Paperhand Puppet Intervention    Saxapahaw, NC USA  - Our beloved local puppeteers since 1998. With the financial support of the Hillsborough Arts Council, and the Orange County Arts Commission, Donovan Zimmerman will be offering a limited number of workshops leading up to the parade. They also have a number of very cool Videos. This August and September, Paperhand will once again create theatrical magic at  at the The Forest Theater in Chapel Hill, NC. This is one of the finest puppet theaters in America performing at a truly stunning outdoor venue.


  • Puppet Uprising Philadelphia, PA USA  -   presenting performances by puppeteers from all over the world, and provides links to puppet shows throughout the country.


  • Puppeteers of America   - Since 1937, Puppeteers of America has encouraged performances and has worked to build a community of people involved with puppet theatre. They host The National Puppetry Festival which is held every two years and brings together puppeteers from around the world to study, share, inspire, and enlighten.


  • Procession of the Species   Olympia, WA USA - Giving the natural world a greater presence in our streets.


  • Spiral Q    Philadelphia, PA USA   -   produces puppet parades that raise social consciousness. Their work in underserved neighborhoods is inspirational. They are truly using puppetry as a vehicle for social change. 


  • The Puppeteers Cooperatrive   Tons of information about puppets, construction, including 68 ways to make giant puppets!



Music Resources, including handmade instruments

  • RhythmWeb Homemade Percussion  Richardson, TX USA   - Go to this site! coffee cans, water bottles and plastic bottles are all candidates for homemade drums and shakers."When you use your imagination to make or find percussion instruments for yourself, you are following a tradition that stretches back thousands of years to the dawn of human music making". Eric Stuer. RhythmWeb is the homepage for this site created by Eric Stuer and containing an extensive library with links to percussion information, handmade instruments, kid's links and videos. Sadly, Eric and his wife died in a car crash on I-49 in Shreveport, La. in June 2008. They were returning from an extensive tour of the South that Eric established to take drum circles to smaller towns that had little exposure to world percussion. His work lives on at the RhythmWeb website; His spirit and love continue to positively affect children, adults and communities throughout the world.


  • Jamtown  Seattle WA  USA   -    A wide variety of hand-crafted, fair trade indigenous musical instruments . For family and group activities, they have ready-to-go rhythm packs for a complete percussion instrument ensemble.


  • International Art and Sound  Ashland, OR USA  -  quality fair trade percussion instruments including owl whistles, boomwhackers, Frogs, Crickets, rattles, shakers drums and more.



Community Arts 

  • Alternate ROOTS     Atlanta, GA USA   -  A regional arts service organization with 30 years of history, Alternate ROOTS is an invaluable national resource to artists, organizers and cultural workers. ROOTS provides resources for socially conscious artists.


  • Art in the public interest - A nonprofit organization that supports the belief that the arts are an integral part of a healthy culture, and that community-based arts provide significant value both to communities and artists.


  • The Community Arts Network - Provides a wealth of information, research and critical dialogue within the field of community based art. They provide a portal to the field of community arts, providing news, documentation, writing , research and educational information. A great resource here is Community Arts 101, the CAN textbook, a primer on the field. These essays should provide you with some basic knowledge about community art.