Krista Ashe​

Krista Ashe, of kHEARTdesign Shop, is a local Hillsborough jewelry maker, who loves all things handmade. Specializing in working with leather and metal, hand-stamping, and repurposing destash jewelry, Krista’s passion is creating one-of-a-kind, fun, whimsical, earthy jewelry pieces.

Krista loves to look at the destash jewelry pieces she finds and quickly pictures what she can re-make with this or that. She loves the process of mechanically creating a piece of jewelry that is different, fun, eye-catching, and sometimes earthy, that is perfection in craftsmanship. 


Her obsession with creating unique pieces of jewelry started in hand stamping on
blanks and then creating jewelry to go with the blanks. She started with bracelets and
necklaces. Krista also has an Etsy shop,, where she sells her custom hand-stamped name or word bracelets. Her more fun, eye-catching, earthy pieces are at the Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery and Gift Shop.