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Applying to participate as a community group? Read on...

Last Fridays Makers Markets

Nonrefundable Application Fee - $20.00

Community Showcase Requirements -

While the primary goal of Last Fridays is to offer accessible arts programming to the Hillsborough community, we allocate a limited number of spaces at Last Fridays Makers Markets to showcase local community groups and nonprofits.

Local community groups/nonprofits are required to offer an interactive component, i.e. crafts, games, demonstrations or other experiences beyond or in addition to traditional promotion, calls to action, or garnering support/awareness for a cause.

Regarding political candidates, affiliates, and organizations - HAC has made the decision to no longer allow political groups based on the following criteria:

1. A candidate or their campaign affiliate running for an elected office.

2. Any groups representing specific political parties or candidates.

*HAC reserves the right of discretionary choice regarding whether to allow any vendors and participants in HAC events based on alignment with the values and mission of the organization. The utmost priority of HAC is that participating groups meet the criteria of the application and align with our goals for each program.

*Equity and equal representation are important to us, and we recognize the difficulty to do so fairly among political groups with the limited space we have available at HAC events. Accordingly, we have made this decision to limit political participation.

If you have questions regarding HAC's policies you may contact HAC's Board Chair for further clarification.

Important Notes (Please read carefully) 

The buttons below represent rolling applications for eligibility to participate in the Last Fridays market season, MAY - OCTOBER 2024


Once an approved vendor, you will automatically qualify to reserve a spot in 2024 Last Fridays markets as space allows. Only one application approval is needed per season.

- The nonrefundable, one-time application fee for community groups is $20.00Pricing is subject to change.

- New applications will be reviewed for the upcoming market around the 15th of each month, April-September. If you would like to be eligible for an upcoming Last Fridays market, be sure to submit your application by the 15th of the same month at the latest.

- Becoming an approved vendor does not guarantee a spot in a market. Once approved, you will still need to reserve your spot in each monthly market.


- The deadline to reserve your spot will be one week prior to each market date. Reserving a market spot is $35.00 per date. Pricing is subject to change.


Limited spots are available. Once sold out, the market is at capacity until the next month's spots become available. 

- Right now, to ensure new vendors fair opportunity to participate, we are only offering spots on a month by month basis.

- Vendors must provide tent, tables, and any additional supplies they may need, including weather protection (sandbags, tent flaps, tarps, etc.) in the event of light rain.

- Last Fridays & the Art Walk are rain or shine events. We will only cancel/reschedule or relocate outdoor activities in the event of severe or dangerous weather (high winds that would prohibit the safe maintenance of tents, or excess rain that would cause flood, severe thunderstorms projected for the duration of the event, etc.). If this is necessary, we will notify you of the cancellation by 3 PM on the market date. 

- Limited assistance will be available on-site during market hours. Be prepared to setup/break down and maintain your booth independently.


- Vendors are required to account for sales tax and all local guidelines and regulations applicable to the sale of goods at Last Fridays Makers Markets. 

- Nonprofits and community groups selling goods, merchandise, or soliciting donations must comply with all federal, state, and local guidelines governing these activities. 


- We ask that all participants are mindful and respectful to other vendors, arts programming occurring in tandem with the market, and the community at all times. Anyone disrupting the quality and nature of the event will be asked to leave.

- HAC reserves the right to make changes to Last Fridays Makers Markets at any time, including approved vendor statuses, if activity is no longer supportive to our mission or community access to arts programming.

- By submitting to this form, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless all entities associated with the Hillsborough Arts Council from any and all demands, expenses, fees, fines, penalties, suits, proceedings, actions and causes of action of any and every kind and naturing arising, or growing out of, or in any way connected with participation in an HAC Vendor Market.

Please complete the following form to apply.

Nonrefundable application fee - $20.00

Please indicate the category your booth falls within:
Please indicate which activities visitors may find at your booth (check all that apply):
Please indicate the type of of booth setup you are planning:
Upload Files
Have you previously participated in a Last Fridays Makers Market or other HAC programming?
How did you hear about Last Fridays Makers Markets?

This form no longer accepts submissions for 2024. Stay tuned for next season's Community Showcase Application.

Thanks for submitting!

You can generally expect to hear back from us about the status of your application within a few weeks. Response time depends on when your application was received in relation to the next market date.


We are a very small team, so please be patient and keep an eye on your inbox to hear back on the status of your application.

Once your application has been approved, you can secure a spot in an upcoming market, as space allows, using the following Market Reservation Portal. (This link will be provided in your approval notification or can be found at any time via the Vendor Portal.) Please only reserve a spot in an upcoming market if you are already an approved vendor.

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