The Fourth Annual Handmade Parade theme was "Creatures and Characters of the Eno"

2008 Theme: "The Waters of the Eno and her Creatures"

2009 Theme: "Metamorphosis on the Eno"

2010 Theme: "Eno River Rhythms"

2012 Theme: "Creatures and Characters of the Eno

2014 Theme: "Flight of the Eno"

We chose to create each years theme around the Eno River.

With it's headwaters in Orange County, the Eno River is an important part of our history and our present day community.

In fact we rely on our beautiful Eno River for our very sustenance...
The West Fork Eno Reservoir provides Hillsborough with a 786 million gallon reservoir for our drinking water.

We believe it's important to protect and preserve this vital resource that flows right through downtown Hillsborough.

The Eno River Association has been dedicated to conserving and protecting the nature, culture, and history of the Eno River basin since 1966. You can read more about the Eno Rivers cultural and natural history here.