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The Arts are Better Together

Strategic partnerships can be a great step forward for any organization. At HAC, we often find ourselves inundated with ideas and partnership opportunities from local organizations, groups, and individuals. These partnerships (even the ideas we cannot follow through on) have opened up the doors for so many new possibilities for the arts in Hillsborough. While our mostly volunteer staff isn't equipped to take on every project idea, we work hard to help connect the right people together to make things happen whenever possible, regardless of our participation.

It is widely believed in the arts community that partnerships are vital to what we do. Americans for the Arts broke this down into eight key points on the importance of partnering with the arts. One of these stood out as being at the heart of our mission. Creating an environment that blends and celebrates our differences - whatever they may be. Bringing people together through a creative avenue helps us to understand and appreciate each other. And it's those opportunities that make me believe I have one of the greatest jobs around, and I continue to be impressed by just how big of a role the arts play in our town's identity.

Many of our programs are aimed at highlighting the culturally rich parts of our community through inclusive and accessible arts programs. Our Outreach Committee continues to work on their goal of creating those connections for all of our programs. While HAC already has some new project partners on the horizon, we are always seeking ways to improve our arts impact in the community. If you're part of a local business or organization that is interested in partnering with the arts in the future, and can offer us some thoughts on how you might like to do so, please get in touch with us at (we aren't ready to dive in just yet, but we are doing a bit of research to see where the needs are in Hillsborough, so we welcome your thoughts and ideas).

While on the topic of partnerships, I am very happy to finally be able to announce our newest program affiliate partner, the Hillsborough Classic Film Society. HAC's alliance with the Society is focused on helping the Society build a greater awareness and appreciation of the beauty, artistry, and historical significance of classic films. HAC considers classic films to be a major international art-form that deserves greater exposure across our community. The Classic Film Society is a local, volunteer-driven organization that hosts monthly showings of critically-acclaimed American films, foreign films, and independent films, most of which are 50 or more years old. At the showings, the Society engages expert speakers to explain the historical and artistic context of the films, and to lead the audience in lively discussions after the showings.

You can learn more about this partnership by visiting their website our website at This month they will be screening Vittorio De Sica's 1948 classic Bicycle Thieves, at the Orange County Public Library. Find out more about the Classic Film Society, their background, and ongoing programs at

Still Image, Bicycle Thieves, 1948

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