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Updated: Feb 12, 2019

The Hillsborough Arts Council has been going through a transition period over the last six months. These changes were initiated by the continued growth of the Arts Council, and the headway made by our previous leadership towards new ventures and overall sustainability. Yes, sometimes changes can be difficult for an organization, but these changes have brought with them a very positive sense of excitement for the future of HAC.

We have been deeply involved at some self assessments and strategic planning. These intensive session have helped us understand our strengths and apply them where they can best be utilized to initiate further growth and prosperity for the arts in Hillsborough and HAC. We are working hard to continue to bring quality programs, and create a valuable arts resource for Hillsborough.

We aren't the only arts organization who is working on making some major shifts in the support of artists and audiences in all disciplines. We are proud to share the report prepared by our partners at the Orange County Arts Commission, with help from arts leaders throughout Orange County. This report addresses the fundamental needs of the arts community and begins to lay the groundwork for great advancements in the arts for all of Orange County. You will find the document here, and I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it!

Don't worry, all of these changes do not mean your favorite programs will be going away! In fact, we hope to continue to improve and expand some of your favorites as we move into the future.

Below you'll find a breakdown of 2019.

February 24: Parlor Concert (Jon Shain & FJ Venture -- SOLD OUT!)

April 26: First Last Friday Concert of the Season!

May 19: Free Spirit Freedom Gospel Festival

May - August: Last Friday Concert & Art Walk each month

September: Paint it Orange: Plein Air Paint Out

October: River Park Concert

December: Solstice Lantern Walk

In addition to this list, each year from January - November we present the Hillsborough Art Walk. This event falls on the last Friday of the month and will feature an artist reception for a new and exciting exhibition showcasing local and regional artists at HAC. Check out our map for information for the next Art Walk and participating venues.

We hope to see you soon at one of our events!

Torey Mishoe

Executive Director

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