Shannon Bueker grew up the fifth of six children, spending most of her childhood in San Antonio, TX. Her parents are the products of many generations of Texans, and despite many years of traveling in often exotic places, she still feels like Texas is home. Bueker has always drawn. She won her first competition in the fourth grade and has been taking art classes and making things ever since. Bueker earned her BFA in 1987 from the University of Texas at Austin. Her greatest challenge there was sculpture, her greatest relaxation painting, and her greatest joy life drawing.

Anatomy is fascinating to Bueker and animal anatomy more so because it is so accessible, unhidden and that animals are just beautiful. Her childhood sketchbooks are filled with drawings of her as a zookeeper surrounded by animals.

“For me, the most compelling puzzle artistically has been and continues to be orchestrating line and color. The process of my painting is layering color and line, keeping wispy lines of charcoal, describing movement and strengths, and developing a rich, varied surface. I see my work as trying to reveal nature’s grace and unfold the layers of interactions, interconnections and the surprising overlaps. These layers interest me a lot.”