Press for Stickwork in Hillsborough, NC

Whimsical Wood Work by Patrick Dougherty by Susan Stafford Kelly for Our State Magazine           April 2016

Environmental Art is a Sight to Behold by Carolyn Bass for the Huffington Post                              12/22/2015

Stickwork Sculpture Named and Ready for Exploration on Riverwalk                                             11/23/2015

'BENDING STICKS': New Dougherty sculpture being built at Hillsborough Riverwalk

by Cliff Bellamy for the Herald-Sun                                                                                          11/08/2015

Hillsborough Arts Council Nearing Goal to Bring Stickwork to Riverwalk                                         10/14/2015

Hillsborough Arts Council Bringing Stickwork to Riverwalk                                                           09/10/2015