"I like to think of myself as a bricoleur artist of vivacity and whimsey, playfully serious about serious play.

My primary artistic interest is on figurative works, using the human form to convey universal principles, emotions, and ideals. While this body of work is generally representational, I pay close attention to abstract, symbolic, and allegorical elements. 

Recently I’ve become enamored of landscape painting as well, in oil. These paintings explore depth as well as sense of place. While the paintings are generally bright and colorful, most of the real action takes place in the shadows.

And occasionally I enjoy playful paintings of everyday life and objects. Red sneakers. Coffee Mugs. Backsides. 

But whether serious or playful, light or dark, figurative or otherwise, it’s all about making art alive. If the art is alive, we are alive.

And life is good."