Thomas White

Thomas White uses the process of tree-to-board to create one of a kind serving boards. Thomas recognizes the unique character of each board. He uses no pattern; he draws freehand directly on the natural wood to incorporate its distinct characteristics into each serving board. 


The serving board begins with a tree Thomas harvests form Louellen's Farm in North Carolina or from White Brothers Tree Farm in Virginia. Thomas mills the log into board lengths on the Woodmizer sawmill.; he racks and air dries the wood; he planes the wood, shapes each board, sands, and then finishes it with Louellen's Premium Bees Wax Conditioner. 


Thomas's fascination and devotion to the natural environment began at age fourteen while he traveled with a group on a cross-country camping trip. In California, he first saw the Redwoods and Giant Sequoias. Thomas's encounter with the big trees was a life-changing experience. 


His love for the natural environment, trees, and his interest in silviculture lead him to earn a degree in Environmental Science. As an agriculture, natural resources and forestry teacher, Thomas attended John C. Campbell Folk School over several summers. At John C. Campbell he took woodturning, furniture making, wood carving and boat building. 


Thomas's unique serving boards reflect his passion for trees and natural wood.