Weekend of ART

in Hillsborough, NC - April 2022

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APRIL 29th



APRIL 29-30th

For 2022, HAC is combining efforts between Last Fridays & the Art Walk; the Handmade Market (previously known as Art in the Heart); and our beautiful, town-wide, celebration of art and creativity, the Handmade Parade, for an immersive, exciting Weekend of Art in Hillsborough, NC!

The weekend will kick off with April's Last Fridays & the Art Walk, which occurs on the last Friday of each month, April - November, in Hillsborough, NC. On Last Fridays, 20+ local businesses band together to create a night of magic with lots of live music, poetry, dancing, gallery openings, special exhibitions, and community activities to choose from. Learn more about Last Fridays.

The 2022 Handmade Market (previously known as Art in the Heart) will be a curated vendor market of handmade, artist goods with a sprinkling of special, Mardi Gras-style vendors to prepare the community for Handmade Parade!


More information on Handmade Market coming soon.


The Handmade Parade is a biannual Hillsborough tradition and grassroots, community celebration! This Mardi Gras-style street parade is fueled by the community and includes painted faces, wild costumes, puppets (small & massive), stilt-walkers, marching bands, and much more, creating a spectacle of art, creativity, public theater, and music!


The theme for the 2022 parade is FOUND OBJECT ART. We invite all community members, whether you come with a paper-bag puppet; a sock puppet; or a giant, recycled, Papier-mâché grasshopper, to craft your creative addition to this community show and march with us in celebration of art and creativity!

We'll be hosting community workshops in preparation for the event, so stay tuned for workshop details and teaching artist announcements! To be notified of ongoing HAC announcements, be sure to join our network by signing up for the HAC Newsletter or by following us on social media! 



Photos of the 2018 Handmade Parade by Donn Young


Our first community workshop, in the lead-up 2022's Handmade Parade, is now open for registration! 

This will be a beginner-friendly, advanced class on crafting and sculpting parade puppets. We have some puppets from previous years available for restoration if you'd like to start from an established concept, or you're welcome to come with an idea of your own and learn to make it a reality!

We want anyone interested to be able to participate in this creative experience. If able, we invite you to help subsidize workshop costs with a suggested donation of $25. 

We'll be using FOUND OBJECTS for this workshop, like cardboard, recycling, paper bags, worn backpacks, old broomsticks, anything you have laying around that might be transformed into a magnificent piece of performing art. We encourage you to go ahead and begin collecting found object materials to bring with you to class!

Supplemental supplies that will also be helpful: 

- Glue Guns & Glue Sticks
- Scissors
- Box Cutters
- Staple Guns & Staples
- Decorative Supplies (tissue paper, paint, glitter, feathers, markers, etc.)

We encourage you to bring any supplemental supplies you have on hand, prioritizing supplies for initial construction first. Some will also be provided to be shared.

Workshop Details:

Date: Saturday, January 29, 2022

Time: 2:30 - 5:00 PM

Teaching Artist: Sol Ramirez, Creator/Director of 123 Puppetry!

Click below to register to attend. Registration is required.


Form is limited to 20 submissions due to maximum classroom capacity.

Your contribution makes the Handmade Parade possible! Programs like Handmade Parade are large productions, and we can't do it without YOUR support!

Suggested Donation: $25


For safety and planning, registration for 2022's Handmade Parade is required.

Registration form coming soon!


On-Street Parking


  • Free three-hour parking is available in the following locations:

    • West and East King Street

    • Court Street

    • East Margaret Lane

  • Free all-day parking is available in the following locations:

    • West and East King Street

    • South Cameron Street

Parking Lots


  • Free three-hour parking is available in the following locations:

    • Bank of America Parking Lot, accessed from Churton and West King streets

    • Mayo Park Parking Lot, accessed from West King Street

Parking Deck

  • Free all-day parking is available in Orange County's Eno River Parking Deck, accessed from Margaret Lane or Nash and Kollock Street



Special thanks to Visit Hillsborough for sponsoring the parade!