Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Hillsborough Arts Council Gift Shop. The Shop’s goal is to provide a unique shopping experience for our customers by highlighting and selling quality and affordable local artists’ work. The unique partnership also provides a steady stream of income for the Arts Council’s programs and for the consigning artists whose work we sell in the shop. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. 


Who is eligible to apply?

Artists in Hillsborough and Orange County are our primary source of artists but we will also consider applications from artists in the surrounding counties. In addition, we strive to reflect the diversity of our community.


When are applications accepted?

Applications are accepted from January 15th through October 1st of each year.  The selection committee meets once a month during those months.  Decisions about holiday season art are made by mid-October so interested artists are encouraged to apply before October 1st. Applications submitted after October 1st will not be reviewed until after the New Year.


What type of work are you looking for?

The Gift Shop Selection Committee is looking for unique items that are made by area artists and artisans. These items should be made with a high standard of craftsmanship, design, and composition. Some of the items that sell best in our shop are jewelry; pottery; scarves and other fiber work; wooden bowls, cutting boards, and related items; glass; and metal items made from repurposed materials. Our target audience typically spends $10-50 on an item in the gift shop although we sell items up to $250 during the holiday season. We are looking for work in this price range to ensure that the items sell quickly and are marketable to our audience.


How do I apply?

Please send an email to Include:

  1.  Your name and your city and county,

  2.  a brief statement about your artwork, the type of media (how it’s made), and the price of your items. When giving us your price, please factor in that the Gift Shop takes a 30% commission,

  3. a link to your website or social media site that showcases your work (if available) and where you are currently selling your work (if applicable) and

  4. five images of your artwork.

Please do not bring your artwork into the shop and try to leave it with our volunteers unless you have contacted us and we have asked you to bring it in. You need to send an email and wait for the Selection Committee response. 


Who decides if my artwork is accepted?

The Gift Shop Selection Committee is comprised of the Gift Shop’s co-managers and several artists who have artwork in the shop currently. They will look at your email images and website and decide whether to consider your artwork for sale in the shop or not. Based on this information, the committee will decide whether they want to see several pieces of your actual work to make a final decision. If the committee decides not to accept your work, a member of the committee will send you an email stating this. If the committee wants to see your actual physical work for further consideration, a committee member will send a follow-up email telling you what they want to see and/or how many pieces of actual work to bring in. The committee will need to keep your work for at least one week.  Once the committee reviews your work, you will be contacted by email with further information.


What are the selection criteria?

The consideration process involves both objective and subjective standards. Design, craftsmanship, and marketability will all be considered. This committee is aware of what kinds of artwork our target audience is inclined to buy and will make decisions based on this knowledge. We also consider space available in the shop as well as the types of items already in the shop.  Our objective is to sell a variety of reasonably priced artwork to our audience. If items do not sell they will either be returned to the artist or the artist will be given the opportunity to rethink the price point or to submit new items to replace the old stock.


What happens if my artwork is accepted for consignment?

If your artwork is accepted, you will meet with a committee member and bring in your first group of artwork to consign. You will be required to complete and sign a consignment agreement at that time. You will also need to provide a resume or artist statement and business cards and fill out inventory sheets. The committee member will also discuss the shop’s inventory and barcoding procedures, the restocking process, and the payment policy and schedule.


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