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In the HAC/C3 Satellite Gallery

In partnership with C3 Hillsborough, a co-working space for many local businesses and entrepreneurs, HAC is further connecting artists & audiences through a collaborative gallery space.

HAC's Satellite Gallery program seeks to expand our collective support of local artists and create more spaces for diversity in Hillsborough arts events & programs.

​Join us on the Art Walk on July 28 for an Opening Reception with Fabrizio Bianchi & Mark Abercrombie, the artists included in the current HAC/C3 Satellite Gallery exhibition, Tune In to Tune Out. Explore the Satellite Gallery to enjoy refreshments and an opportunity to connect with esteemed artists, specializing in large-scale abstract painting. Learn more about the artists below!

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On Display In C3 Hillsborough
June 26 - Jan 15, 2024

Work by Mark Abercrombie.

Tune In to Tune Out

Fabrizio Bianchi is a second-generation Latinx artist living and working in Durham, North Carolina.


Over the years, he has created a wide range of acrylic artworks using different styles and subject matters mostly revolving around abstract landscapes. Fabrizio has displayed his work in various venues nationwide including the Eno Arts Mill, NC Museum of Art, CAM Raleigh, Frank Gallery, Diamante, Artspace, and others. He earned his Bachelor in Painting from East Carolina University, and his Master in Painting from the University of New Mexico. Fabrizio works as a graphic designer, painter and teacher of traditional and digital art classes in the Triangle. He aims to expand his practice through process videos and virtual instruction in both English and Spanish.

"Exploring the motivations and mechanisms to my artwork and identity is like viewing a tactile and textured Venn diagram existing in an oval of duality between multiple congruent currents: North and Latin American cultures, explorer and scientist, digital and traditional mediums, tranquil and chaotic energies, concrete and abstract styles. Painting and drawing have always been my aesthetic refuge, emphasized by my new series of circular abstract landscapes resulting from a methodical yet fluid series of motions of applying inks, diluted charcoal and watery solutions of paints. These compositions with subtle forms and concentric rings overlapping and running parallel to one another have created a new visual language, filtering layers of substance in concentric fields of sensory experience." - Fab

Instagram: @fabzart21

Mark Abercrombie is drawn to painting for a number of reasons. Creating and viewing art is an exciting visceral feeling that hits him like a tidal wave; or at times there is a slow and steady response like a sea turtle swimming thousands of miles to its destination. Painting is an evolving journey. 


After a session in his studio he always feels more empowered than when he started. 

For many years Mark was an avid drummer. As a painter, Mark is the drummer, guitarist, and vocalist all wrapped into one. When he started painting a decade ago, a new sense of independence became real to him, and he has never looked back.

While Mark loves creating, he takes exceptional pleasure when someone other than himself is moved by his art, and in learning that his work has a positive effect on others.

Mark Abercrombie's work is featured in private collections in Portugal, Scotland, Canada, Australia, and America. Mark has been invited to contribute two paintings for permanent display at DCRI, a Duke University building in downtown Durham, NC. 

"I would love each individual viewer to have their own personal, uninfluenced experience of my art… the meaning of the pieces are up to the individual. I worship the concept of “total freedom” in my art since I rarely reach this mighty paradigm anywhere else in my waking life. Only through art can I reach states of total freedom on a regular basis. Creating art is the utmost positive escape. Tune out to tune in. There is no downside. Taking a stab at total freedom is a tall order, but its one worth working towards…

what is your experience of my art?" - Mark


Instagram: @markabercrombieart

JUN 26 - JAN 15, 2023

If you'd like to purchase art work on display in the HAC Satellite Gallery, please fill out a purchase card (available on location at C3) to bring to the HAC Gallery & Gift Shop, within easy walking distance, at 102 N Churton St.


C3 Hillsborough: 128 N Churton St, Hillsborough, NC


Mon-Fri, 9-5 
+ Open until 9 PM on select Last Fridays for Artist Receptions.



Questions about the Satellite Gallery?
Please contact us at

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