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In the HAC/C3 Satellite Gallery

In partnership with C3 Hillsborough, a coworking space for many local businesses and entrepreneurs, HAC is further connecting artists & audiences through a collaborative gallery space.

HAC's Satellite Gallery program seeks to expand our collective support of local artists and create more spaces for diversity in Hillsborough arts events & programs. The first exhibition will be on view beginning January 20, 2023.

​Join us at the March 31 Last Friday & the Art Walk for an Artist Reception with Onicas Gaddis & Austin Cathey, the artists included in the HAC/C3 Satellite Gallery's first exhibition, "Vibrant Emotion". Explore the new Satellite Gallery and enjoy refreshments, live music, poetry, and an opportunity to connect with the two artists specializing in large-scale abstract painting. Read on below.


On Display In C3 Hillsborough
JAN 20 - JUNE 26

Vibrant Emotion

Abstract Paintings by Onicas Gaddis & Austin Cathey

the farplane.22.jpg

Onicas Gaddis & Austin Cathey are both visionary abstract painters based in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Through this exhibition they explore emotional release and seeking mindfulness through the practice of art.


Artist Onicas Gaddis​ is an American painter, and calls his style Spiritual Expressionism, which describes his work in general terms, but merely touches at describing the depth and breadth of where his paintings come from.


Onicas has been painting for over twenty years, having had the privilege to study under master abstract expressionist painter Sarah Carlisle Towery (who in turn traveled and painted with renowned artists such as Josef Albers, Viktor Lowenfeld, and Hans Hofmann). He discovered his drawing talents after an artist visited one of many group homes he had lived in as a child. He knew he had found a purpose for living here in a world that was most often not a very kind nor happy place for him. Art saved his life. From his early work drawing portraits (pencil and charcoal), he moved to painting. While living in Florida, he was inspired to tap into his Florida Highwayman heritage (his uncle was one of the original traveling landscape artists of the 1950’s). But it was the time spent at the Alabama Art Colony studying with Carlisle Towery, Moe Brooker, and other accomplished painters that truly taught Onicas how to put the paint to the canvas, give up on any idea of a finished piece, and simply allow the spirit of the painting to flow through him.


Gaddis works on canvas, paper, and wood, using primarily acrylics. His brilliantly-colored abstracts are characterized by somewhat haunting images of faces and figures, restless, gestural lines and layers plus semi-hidden landscapes, perhaps a synthesis of his explorations with portraiture, landscape, and abstract studies. When looking at any of his paintings overtime, the viewer will discover forms and figures that seem to remain in an ever-changing process of moving and settling and coming into definition.


His work has been sold and displayed in galleries throughout the southeastern United States. A desire to be near his children brought him to North Carolina. Here he has been quickly embraced as a painter, an author and a spoken word artist. You can view and purchase his work at

heaven in hiding.jpg

Austin Cathey is a North Carolina mixed media artist who grew up in the mountains outside of Asheville, NC. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville with a BFA in Drawing in 2015 and in 2020 completed an MFA in painting and printmaking at Miami University of Ohio. In 2017 he was juried to be the first Emerging Artist-in-Residence Member at FRANK Gallery located in Chapel Hill NC, which he rejoined after graduate school. His work has been featured in multiple publications and resides in private collections across the country. Austin recently became a full-time caretaker for his new son, where he spends any spare time in the studio to push the boundaries of his abstract practice. You can view and purchase his work at

In the words of Austin Cathey, "I'm so excited to be collaborating with Onicas and the HAC to bring this beautiful exhibition of emotional abstract paintings to Hillsborough.  It's going to be an incredible show and I hope the community enjoys experiencing it."

JAN 20 - JUNE 26, 2023

If you'd like to purchase art work on display in the HAC Satellite Gallery, please fill out a purchase card (available on location at C3) to bring to the HAC Gallery & Gift Shop, within easy walking distance, at 102 N Churton St.


C3 Hillsborough: 128 N Churton St, Hillsborough, NC


Mon-Fri, 9-5 
+ Open until 9 PM on select Last Fridays for Artist Receptions.



Questions about the Satellite Gallery?
Please contact us at

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